Momina Mustehsan And Asim Azhar ,Not Part of Coke Studio Season 12

Rohail Hayat has decided to rest Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar in Coke studios so you would not be seeing them in season 12, with Afreen Afreen and Tera wo piyar being viewd most on Youtube With 283 million views.

But if we go through last year’s blunder of Koko Korina cover, maybe it didn’t take Rohail too long to decide to give some hyped up singers a rest as some times you need certain original compositions and songs that make you appreciated, like Aima Baig is singing and doing better for sure.

So, here we want Momina Mustehsan to actually start singing her own songs or to start to sing for movies and dramas instead of focusing on cover music.

She should also do concerts and live singing to be in the music scene because if  we see track record of Rohail Hayat he believes in hardcore music master minds and souls. His speciality is raw talent with super powerful vocalists.

So it seems that he will come up with some great voices and hidden talent like he did previously with street singers and groups.

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